Rope World

ATTENTION!  Mr. Higgins is retiring!

To all Rope World participants,

Thirty-five years ago I came to Rocky Mountain Elementary as a young P. E. teacher and started a P. E. program called Rope World. It has grown over the years with the support of you parents and the many principals I’ve had. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting you and working with your kids all these years. Your kids have kept me young and touched my heart.  Alas, all good things come to an end and after much deliberation I’ve decided to retire and Rope World will be ending as of February 1st. I will no longer be associated in any capacity with any future programs at Rocky Mountain Elementary or Community Schools. Thanks again for the many great years we have had together!

Dan Higgins

ladder fun at rope worldRope World was a popular physical education program at Rocky Mountain Elementary in Longmont, Colorado. This program was developed by Mr. Higgins, retired physical education teacher at Rocky Mountain Elementary.   This program involves swinging, crawling and climbing on, over and through ropes and other obstacles.  Rope World helps children develop self-confidence, agility and strength as they play freely in a supervised environment.

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